Piano+ 2005 – Piano and Electronics (Discussion)
Music for Piano and Electronics
Sat, November 05, 2005 3 pm CET, Talk


3:00 pm
ZKM-Lecture Hall
Round-table discussion on “Piano and Electronics” with Catherine Vickers, Ludger Brümmer, Dieter Schnebel, Bernd Leukert (HR) and others

5:00 pm
Works by Ernst August Klötzke, Marco Stroppa Piano: Ulrich Roman Murtfeld, Christian Nagel

8:00 pm
Evening of piano music with Robert Taub Works by Seymour Shifrin, Franz Liszt, Milton Babbitt, Ludger Brümmer, Ludwig van Beethoven

10:00 pm
ZKM-Music Balcony
Works by Theo Lovendie, Harald Muenz, Pei-Yu Shi Piano: Yoko Yamada, Hwa Kyung Yim, Florian Wäldele
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