Boris Jakubaschk: Personal Computer - 30 Years of PC
Thu, November 03, 2011 6 pm CET, Lecture
The personal computer has transformed office work entirely; and yet the way in which one informs one’s self in professional or private life, how one communicates and how one works creatively has been no less strongly influenced by PCs. With the aid of functioning exhibits the lecture traces the emergence of the first IBM PC and which of its predecessors and successors decisively influenced its development.

Boris Jakubaschk, MSc works as a software developer in Karlsruhe. He has been collecting historical computers and documenting their history in his spare time for the last 20 years. The ZKM has been showing a small part of his collection for many years on the periphery of the exhibition section "The World of Games." As part of the course entitled "Conservation of New Media and Digital Information" at the Stuttgart Academy of Art he holds, among others, a lecture on computer history.
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