Werner Fritsch: FAUST SUN SONG
Fri, November 11, 2011 1 pm CET, Film Screening
A special highlight of the ARD Radio Play Days is the three-hour film poem by Werner Fritsch "Faust Sonnengesang", which was produced with the support of the ZKM last year in commission from
BR-alpha and broadcast for the first time on 6 January, 2011. The presentation at the ZKM_Media Theater with Surround-Sound and HD projection promises to be a special, impressive sensory event.

About "Faust Sonnengesang", the press wrote euphorically:
"In no less than 180 minutes the film showed frenzied dashes of wild colors and idyllic natural images, of wonderful music and powerful lyricism, which, among others was flawlessly recited by star actors such as Corinna Harfouch, Angela Winkler and Ulrich Matthes. The work treats of the consciousness-defining echoing thunder of modern rock music, of the rock inscriptions of the ancient Egyptians, of the Merseburg magic spells, the author’s childhood impressions, in the latter’s homeland in the forests of the Upper Palatinate, and the ghosts of the Nazi era, who today continue to haunt us in the most vivid manner." (Spiegel Online, Wolfgang Höbel)

"With 'Faust Sonnengesang' the educational program of Bayerische Rundfunk (BR) presented an unfamiliar authorial film about an author. The subtitle 'Film Poem' is an indication of the insight behind the three-hour work. For, in more than ten years of work, the theater and radio play author Werner Fritsch shot neither a feature film nor a documentary, and nor does the term film essay, frequently applied to unconventional works, hit the mark in this case. And yet it contains a little of all the above, though in a synthesis with Fritsch’s voluminously constructed lyrical texts and occasionally bewitching music (in this case over extensive sections by way of a highly suggestive composition by Steve Reich), where one may well, indeed, refer to an innovative film poem for which there has been as good as no previous precedent, and which, for this reason, gives rise to fundamental reflections." (Thomas Irmer, Funkkorrespondenz, 21.01.2011)
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