Moving Images from Indonesia
Sat, December 10, 2011 2 pm CET, Opening
Temporary presentation of the video works in the exhibition, studio at MNK (1st floor): December 09, 2011 – January 08, 2012

The use of video for artistic purposes in Indonesia dates back to the early nineties when the pioneers Krisna Murti, Teguh Ostentrik and Heri Dono began to experiment with video in order to expand the scope of their artistic creations. However, the influence of video in Indonesian contemporary art is not only the result of an innovation within the artistic field, it is rather a critical positioning towards entertainment industry and, above all, a critique of television.

After the downfall of Suharto's regime (also known as Era Reformasi, from 1998), thanks to the freedom of opinion, the primarily socially oriented focus shifted to more personal and playful works. This second and younger generation of video makers grew up with both television and internet, music videos and the use of mobile devices. Since then, initiatives related to video art and video activism appeared and experiments with video technology spread across the artistic scene.

More than a historical introduction, the talk of Katerina Valdivia Bruch will give an insight about video activism and artists' initiatives that work researching, documenting and disseminating information about video in Indonesia. Furthermore, the artist Krisna Murti will speak about the specificity of Indonesia's video art scene in the context of South East Asia. Following this, the curator Agung Hujatnika will give a review of the OK. Video - Jakarta International Video Festival, a biannual event that takes place in the capital city since 2003, and will talk about the significance of this event for the art scene in Indonesia.
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