Nezaket Ekici: Performing Global Art
Sat, October 15, 2011 2 pm CEST, Performance
In cooperation with the artist Nezaket Ekici art education students of The Mainz Academy of Art will develop in several performances, based on the art in the exhibition and show them in the Museum of Contemporary Art. The purpose of the workshop is to enliven the artistic works through the medium of performance, essentially signifying temporalization and a “putting into motion.” After an intensive preparatory phase all students will present their performance within a two hour timeframe, as such that a living performance installation emerges. The performance concepts developed in the workshop and their process development, as well as the workshop itself will be documented in photographic form, in text and in video before being presented together with the student’s live performances.

The performances are scheduled to take place at the MNK on October 15, at 2 pm.
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