Day 2: PIANO+ 2013
Colorful image of almost axisymmetric arranged semi-circles and ovals.
Thu, November 28, 2013 8 pm CET, Concert
Daniel Blinkhorn: Frostbyte − Red Sound (2012, 15')

Alvin Lucier: Carbon Copies (1989, 20')
Alvin Lucier: Risonanza (1982, 12') 
electronics, objects: Sebastian Berweck, electronics, drums: Martin Lorenz and a bird

Katharine Norman: Making Place (2013, German premier, 16')
for piano, live video and live electronics
Richard Festinger: Head Over Heels (1992, German premier, 8')
for MIDI keyboard, Max and Yamaha TG-77 synthesizer
Alvin Lucier: Music for piano and two slow sweep pure wave oscillators (1992, 17')
for piano and tape
Brigitta Muntendorf: Public Privacy #2 − Piano Cover (2013, premier, 10')
for keyboard, tape and video
piano and live electronics: Sebastian Berweck

Experimentalstuido des SWR ; SPEX