Day 3: PIANO+ 2013
Colorful image of almost axisymmetric arranged semi-circles and ovals.
Fri, November 29, 2013 9.30 pm CET, Concert


9.30 p.m.
José Rafael Subía: Chiral (2013, premier, 10')
for piano and live electronics 
piano: Rei Nakamura, live electronics: José Rafael Subía

Anthony Tan: Pose II − On the Shadow of Ideas (2013, premier, 12')
for piano and electronics 
piano: Rei Nakamura, live electronics: EXPERIMENTALSTUDIO des SWR 

Yukiko Watanabe: Living In The Box II (2013, premier 10')
for piano and video 
piano: Rei Nakamura

Gerhard Stäbler: ] said (2013, premier, 12')
for piano, image and tape 
piano: Rei Nakamura 

Luc Ferrari: Und so weiter (1965/66, 14')
for piano, tape and drums 
piano: Rei Nakamura


Experimentalstuido des SWR ; SPEX