inSonic2017: Concerts
Poster of the event »insonic 2017. Immersive Future« 
Thu, December 07, 2017 – Sat, December 09, 2017, Concert

In the framework of the »inSonic2017: Immersive Future« festival, several concerts take place at ZKM. 

Concert I

Thursday,December 7, 2017, ZKM_Media Theater

To celebrate the opening of the »inSonic2017: Immersive Future« festival, »The Human Factory«, a test series created by Harald Kimmig, will be a guest at the ZKM. With a changing cast of performers, »The Human Factory« operates on the interface of dance, performance and media art across multiple genres and formats. It will be presenting its latest audio-visual dance performance »Interface« in the ZKM_Media Theater. 

With Paul Wolff’s »1500« and Gerriet K. Sharma’s »gleAM«, two compositions will be presented as part of the opening concert, which have been composed especially for the IKO, a omnidirectional loudspeaker system consisting of 20 individual loudspeakers arranged in a staggered formation.

8 pm 

The Human Factory: »Interface«, audiovisual dance performance
Participants: Harald Kimmig (violin, overall management), Hideto Heshiki (dance), Ephraim Wegner (live electronics, audio), Simon Schwab (live electronic, video), Georg Hallmann (light design), Sven Kestel (production management)

 Paul Wolff: »1500« for icosahedron speakers 

Gerriet K. Sharma: »gleAM« for icosahedron speakers

Concert II

Friday, December 8, 2017, ZKM_Cube

As part of the second concert of the »inSonic2017: Immersive Future« festival, three topical compositions by Italian composers Antonio d'Amato, Clemens von Reusner and Marco Kempf will be presented along with an audio-visual composition by interdisciplinary artist Robertina Šebjanič.

To conclude, there will be a screening of »Agnete & The Merman« by Cristian Vogel & The Automatic Message. The piece was developed as a performance for 3D audio by an international group of artists and technicians under Vogel’s management and premiered in the middle of 2017 in Aarhus, European Capital of Culture 2017. As part of »inSonic2017: Immersive Future«, Cristian Vogel & The Automatic Message is exhibiting a fixed media version of the piece for video and multi-channel audio.

8 pm Robertina Šebjanič: »Aquatocene / Subaquatic quest for serenity« for live electronic (4 channels) & video
 Antonio D'Amato: »Körper«, Fixed Media
 Clemens von Reusner: »Definierte Lastbedingung«, Fixed Media

Marco Kempf: »r2«, Fixed Media

 Screening: Cristian Vogel & The Automatic Message: »Agnete & The Merman«

Concert III

Saturday, December 9, 2017, ZKM_Cube

As well as fixed media contributions by Javier Alejandro Garavaglia, Fredrik Mathias Josefson, Dimitrios Savva and Savannah Agger, three audio-visual performances are being presented as part of the third and final concert of the »inSonic2017: Immersive Future« festival by Dmitri Mazurov, James Dooley and by Polish artist and mathematician Robert Lisek, who takes the radioactive decomposition of the chemical element thorium as the starting point of an artistic analysis of random processes.

The audio-visual installation »Disenchanted Island« (2017) by Austrian composer Olga Neuwirth and video artist Tal Rosner is being presented in an adapted concert version, which was produced and developed at the Parisian sound research institute, IRCAM. The soundscape of the San Lorenzo Church in Venice was acoustically recreated for the sound composition of »Disenchanted Island«. The soundscape is illustrated creatively by a two-channel video projection by artist Tal Rosner.

8 pmJavier Alejandro Garavaglia: »Spatial Grains - Soundscape No 1«, Fixed Media
 Fredrik Mathias Josefson »The History of Levitation«, Fixed Media
 Dmitri Mazurov: »Berloga«, Fixed Media & Live-Video (Live Generative Graphics: Ildar Iakubov, Spatialisation: Peter Malafeev)
 Dimitrios Savva: »Moments of Liberty: Outside and Insight«, Fixed Media
 Savannah Agger: »Undercurrents«, Fixed Media

James Dooley »rive: splitting sound and light«, audiovisual performance


Robert Lisek »Quantum Enigma«, audiovisual performance


Olga Neuwirth »Disenchanted Island«, audiovisual composition, video: Tal Rosner


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