Musical Sculpture
Portrait of Núria Giménez
Creation-Perception of Spatial Sculptures, Multilayered Synthetic Soundscapes and Textures
Fri, September 21, 2018 6 pm CEST, Lecture

Guest artist Núria Giménez reports on her joint work with Marlon Schumacher during their research stays at IRCAM and ZKM. They investigate artistic and conceptual approaches to the creation of multi-layered spatial sound landscapes using various sound synthesis models and spatialization algorithms.

To enable the connection with musical dimensions, new software tools such as libraries (OMPrisma, OMChroma, OMSpat) were developed for the computer-aided composition environment »OpenMusic«. Questions of the control and synthesis of spatial attributes of higher levels such as separation/grouping, diffusion, correlation, etc. are examined in artistic studies and presented to the public in an installation.

Please note: The presentation will be held in English.
Project Team

Ludger Brümmer (Artistic Lead)
Benjamin Miller (Sound Technician)
Hans Gass (Light- & Event Technician)
Dorte Becker, Sophie Caecilia Hesse (Organisation)

Organization / Institution
ZKM | Center for Art and Media