Opening: ARD Radio Play Days 2018
Poster of ARD Hörspieltage 2018
Wed, November 07, 2018 6 pm CET

Do Not Leave Your Luggage Unattented! 

With a radiophonic performance by Martin Daske, the ARD Radio Play Days start a new round. »Do Not Leave Your Luggage Unattented!«: Who knows what such a suitcase does if you don't look after it. Maybe it has his own goals. And an own will. Is it really the person who pulls the suitcase behind him? Or does the suitcase push the person in front of it? The suitcases are louder anyway. Klatong-Klatong – on cobblestones. Krawumm-Krawumm – down the stairs. And Klönter-Klönter it goes over stone floors and asphalt. Do the suitcases want to tell us something? Or do they just do a sound performance? Are suitcases perhaps the better audio players? Before these questions get rolling, BR radio director Martin Wagner will officially open the ARD Radio Play Days. 

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