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Design - Head - Color

Sound Labyrinth: Lichtenberg. Constellations

ARD Radio Play Days 2018

Thu, November 08, 2018 6:00 pm CET

© Benjamin Breitkopf

Audiovisual installation and radio play based on the radio play »Lichtenberg. A Cross-Section« by Walter Benjamin.

The longing for discovery, the unraveling of the wonders of the universe. From the overestimation and the shame of having to face the unknown again and again unsuspectingly.

The abandoned research station of an observatory of the moon dwellers. The remaining instruments of a scientist. The Spectrophone allows to see and hear everything that is going on on Earth. The Parlamonium transforms the annoying speech of humans into music. The Oneiroscope observes and visualizes their dreams.

Connections to the head system are established. Fragments, collected ideas, thoughts fly in orbit. Lying under the telescope: Walter Benjamin's text on the decay of the aura of reproduced things, Niklas Luhmann's theory of systems, Georg Christoph Lichtenberg's Sudelbücher, Hermann von Helmholtz's writings, Paul Scheerbart's asteroid novel Lesabéndio, Thomas Nagel's question »what is it like to be a bat?«, Plato's theory of ideas.


By: Johannes Bauer, Joanne Dietz, Iris Drögekamp, Frank Halbig, Phillippe Mainz and Steffen Reichelt
With: Claude de Demo, Bert Linnemann, Sebastian Mirow and Martin Rentzsch
Production: SWR / HfG Karlsruhe / ZKM 2018
Length: approx. 48 minutes

Accompanying program
Accompanying Program


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