Two musicians standing in front of electric instruments on stage
ARD Hörspieltage 2018
Fri, November 09, 2018 11 pm CET

Electro-Liveact with Modular Synthesizer 

STRÖME impressively combine musicality and technique. In their performance, two analog modular synthesizers become the center of creative work, without the help of computers or samples. This enables the two musicians to constantly reinterpret their songs and combine them with improvisations and spontaneous compositions. The band is at home both at festivals and in clubs. The two musicians have impressively demonstrated this at more than 200 concerts at home and abroad since their foundation in 2015. STRÖME are among the most important representatives of modular synthesizer music and take the listener on a journey from the beginnings of electronic music to the present and beyond.  


Mario Schönhofer: Modular Synthesizer
Tobias Weber: Modular Synthesizer

Accompanying program