inSonic 2018: Algorithmic Spaces
inSonic 2018: Algorithmic Spaces
Fri, December 07, 2018 – Sat, December 08, 2018, Symposium

In December 2018, the third edition of the festival »inSonic« will take place at the ZKM. »inSonic« is a showcase for genre-spanning artistic confrontations with new media technologies and innovative concepts, which will be explored in lectures, hands-on demonstrations, concerts and live coding performances.

Machine-learning algorithms in space- and time-based media, data sonification and visualization, algorithmic processes for spatial sound generation – in 2018, the topic of algorithms and big data will be negotiated within the framework of the festival, discussing to what extent algorithms have long since penetrated both above and below the public radar into socially relevant everyday processes as well as into the media arts. 

The artist collective »Quadrature« (Juliane Götz & Sebastian Neitsch) operates at the cutting edge of art and science and presents a new audiovisual performance that was created during a three-year #beBeethoven fellowship at the ZKM. The external parameters of »LMG#2« are based on data from rotating neutron stars, so-called pulsars.

Garth Paine, media artist and sound researcher, was a guest artist at the IRCAM (Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music) in Paris and at the ZKM in 2018. With »Future Perfect«, he developed an immersive 3D video performance for High Order Ambisonics and Virtual Reality for smartphones. Festival visitors can try out the newly developed performance system by Garth Paine in a hands-on demonstration.

The US-American artist and software developer Dan Wilcox will demonstrate a new version of the spatial sound control software »Zirkonium« developed at the ZKM.

In the run-up to »inSonic 2018: Algorithmic Spaces«, the ZKM in cooperation with the research project »Algorithms that Matter« (ALMAT) at the IEM Graz have called for the submission of works dealing with the spatiality of calculation processes. As a result of the Open Call, fixed-media compositions and live performances will be performed that use generative processes to create space.

At the end of the festival, new live coding and VJ performances will be presented on the music balcony of the ZKM.

»inSonic 2018: Algorithmic Spaces« is organized in cooperation with »Algorithms that Matter« within the framework of the »Interfaces« project with the support of the Creative Europe program of the European Union. 

Project Team

Benjamin Miller (Sound director)
Dorte Becker, Sophie Caecilia Hesse (Project organisation, Editorial staff)
David Luchow (Sound technician)
Anton Kossjanenko (Sound recordings)
Christian Berkes (Technical support lecture hall)
Hans Gass (Light and event technology)
Christian Berkes, Marco Kempf, Manuel Urrutia (Hands light and event technology)

Organization / Institution
ZKM | Center for Art and Media

»Algorithms that Matter« (ALMAT, FWF AR 403-GBL)

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