Lia Carreira: Artificial Intelligence

Friday, March 2, 2018, 2:20 pm 

Artificial Intelligence has raised much attention in the last couple of years, becoming a buzz word in many sectors. As the technological development progresses and becomes evermore accessible and applicable in our daily lives, the need to better understand the concept and the conditions of its developments also rises. What is in fact »Artificial Intelligence« and how has it been applied in different fields? The present talk will give an overview of this recent context, with a focus on how AI has been applied in the cultural sector by artists and art institutions. By doing so, it aims to provide general guidelines for applying AI in the arts and culture, while highlighting the major concerns and needs of the field. It furthermore questions: what is the role of cultural and artistic institutions in this scenario? And how can they better contribute to the current discussions on AI?

Lia Carreira

Lia Carreira is a media artist and researcher, developing projects and studies in experimental curating and exhibition-making, with a focus on digital and online strategies and platforms. She is currently a researcher at the Department of Knowledge – Collection, Archives & Research (Wissen – Sammlung, Archive & Forschung) at ZKM, and an artist-curator for »Bite to Byte«, an online exhibition and archive platform developed for the »Ok.Video« web residency.