next_generation 8.0 LIVE CODING: Concert III and IV
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Thu, June 06, 2019 5 pm CEST, Concert

Thursday June 6, 2019

Concert III, 5 pm, Media Theatre


IEM Graz

  • Jürgen Mayer: Angst
    Audiovisual composition
  • Lukas Moritz Wegscheider: cherish
    Live tapeloops

  • John Robin Bold
  • Gianluca Iadema: Noyaux
    Audiovisual composition


HfMT Cologne

  • Duoni Liu: On the coloured light of the binary stars and some other stars of the heavens
    Fixed media  (8-channels)
  • Lucia Kilger: W
    for double bass, 4-channel tape and live-electronics

  • Pablo Garretón: ARP Fields
    Fixed media (8-channel)

  • Nicolas Berge: III
    for violin, viola, double bass and live electronics


ICST Zurich 

  • Eric Larrieux: The Sound of Work (2019) 
    Electronic music, Ambisonics, 9’09’’

  • Joan Jordi Oliver (1994): Breathe (2017)
    for saxophone without mouthpiece and electronics, 10’
    Saxophone: Joan Jordi Oliver

  • José Yépez-Pino (music), Xiaowen Huang (image): _ImEdge (2018–19)
    Video, 4’20’’

  • Nicolas Buzzi: Ctrl F (2019) world premiere
    Live performance, 10’
    Buchla synthesizer: Nicolas Buzzi


Thursday June 6, 2019

Concert IV 8 pm, Cube


TU Berlin

  • Pascal Brun, Paolo Combes and Michael Kraus: Anarchic Spatial Performance
  • Anyere Bendrien, Camille Olivier Faure-Brac and Laura Raveling: Granular-Audiovisual Improvisation

  • Paul Schuladen: Hands Give Shape

  • Jonas Margraf: Fever Dream Burn


UdK Berlin

  • Nico Dahleman: Wiggly (2019)
  • Hugo Esquinca


MH Lubeck

  • Arian Robinson: C21H23NO5 (2018) 
    for small drum and live-electronics, ca. 6'

  • Reika Hattori: Meine Lieblings…. <Prolog> ( 2019 ) world premiere 
    for oboe and live-electronics, 6'
    Interpreter: Shuhei Nakamura (oboe)

  • Lars Opfermann – Tesserae (2019) world premiere
    Fixed media, 5’
    Sound direction: Lars Opfermann

  • Panagiotis Botzios: Theoretical Relatives (2018) 
    for electric guitar, watches, and electronics, 7'

  • Tee XiaoXi: Samdhana (2019) world premiere
    for percussion and live electronics, 5’
    Interpreter: Tee XaioXi

  • Eirini Aravidou: Annoying (2019) world premiere 
    for 2 performers, video and live electronics, 7'
    Interpreter: Anastasia Lakka-Boni and Eirini Aravidou

Organization / Institution
ZKM | Center for Art and Media