next_generation 8.0 – Lecture program
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Thu, June 06, 2019 – Sun, June 09, 2019, Lecture

An exciting lecture program will enrich the festival »next_generation 8.0 LIVE-CODING« from Thursday to Sunday between 10 am and 5 pm. The lectures will take place in the ZKM lecture hall.

Please note: The lectures will be held in English.

Lecture program

Session I
Thursday, 06.06.

10 am  

Welcome, presentation of the Hertz-Lab and Studio Report of the MH Trossingen

Ludger Brümmer 
10 am

Familiar tunes during the implicit learning of (non)tonal pitch spaces – bridges or barriers?

ComputerStudio / IMWI HfM Karlsruhe, Laura Marti-Becker

11 am

Music Processing Suite – A Software System for Symbolic Music Processing 

ComputerStudio / IMWI HfM Karlsruhe,David Hofmann, PhD

11:30 am

Challenges of Encoding Peritext of New Music with Live Electronics

ComputerStudio / IMWI HfM Karlsruhe, Daniel Füttere

12 am

Studio Report of the current activities at the Haute-Ecole des Arts du Rhin, Strasbourg

HEAR Strasbourg, Tom Mays



Session II
Thursday, 06.06.

2 pm  

GAPPP – an Artistic Research project investigating the aesthetic potential of elements from computer games in the context of audiovisual  composition

IEM Graz, Marko Ciciliani

3 pm

ComputerStudio and IMWI Institute for Music Informatics and Musicology, University of  Music Karlsruhe

ComputerStudio / IMWI HfM Karlsruhe, Rainer Lorenz, Prof. Dr. Christoph Seibert, Prof. Dr. Damon Lee

4 pm

untitled av – A Collaborative Audio-Visual Live Coding Performance based on a Graphical Approach to Dynamic  Wave Terrain Synthesis

ComputerStudio / IMWI HfM Karlsruhe, Daniel Kurosch Höpfner, Michele Samarotto



Session III
Friday, 07.06.

10 am  

Spatialization for Electronic Ensembles – From Hierarchical to Anarchic Systems

TU Berlin, Henrik von Coler

11 am

Studio Report

ICMT St. Pölten, Michael Iber, Simon Böhm, Michael Reichmann

12 am

The algorithm played: Convert (your) Ego

HKB Bern, Michael Harenberg, Daniel Weissberg


Session IV
Friday, 07.06.

2 pm  

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KHM Köln, Tobias Hartmann

2:15 pm

Transduction, translation, transformation

KHM Köln, Camilo Sandoval

2:30 pm

The prospects of concert culture in the age of »immersive media«
and 3D-audio uncoding aesthetic paradigms for compositional  creation

SEM-Lab Darmstadt, Natascha Rehberg

3 pm

Studio Report of the current activities of the Institute of Sonology The Hague

Sonology The Hague, Kees Tazelaar

4 pm

The Live-Coding Project »SHOTGUN«

HMT Leipzig, Junyu Guo


Session V
Saturday, 08.06.

10 am  

Soundscape Peru – The meaning of sounds in different communities

SEM-Lab Darmstadt, Robin Wiemann

10:15 am

Heartbeats of the sea – A 360° video to experience humpback whales and their songs

SEM-Lab Darmstadt, Maria Camila Muñoz

10:30 am

Beneath Live Coding - An observation of artistic approaches and cultural dimensions

SEM-Lab Darmstadt, Aleksandar Vejnovic

11 am

10 Years of Live Coding in Karlsruhe: A Retrospective


ComputerStudio / IMWI HfM Karlsruhe, Patrick Borgeat​​​​

12 am

Virtuality and post-digital perspectives

HfMT Hamburg, Alexander Schubert


Session VI
Saturday, 08.06.

2 pm  

Coding & Un/De/Non/Re-Coding – Reconfiguration of auditory art forms in the here and now

SEM-Lab Darmstadt, Sabine Breitsameter

3 pm

Panel Discussion




Session VII
Sunday, 09.06.

10:30 am  

Soundra Massage – the one-to-one performance and the concept behind it

HfMT Hamburg, Dong Zhou

11 am

Possibilities of an AI guided sound-synthesis

HfMTM Hannover, Philipp Henkel

11:30 am

A psychologically interactive process in relation (non-)musical contents with computational process

HfMTM Hannover, Hunjoo Jung

12 pm

Studio Report of the current activies at the State Conservatory of Cuneo, Italy.

State Conservatory of Cuneo, Gianluca Verlingieri

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