The development of the Zirkonium took place in three phases: the original software Zirkonium classic was continually developed further; with Zirkonium MK3 a completely new version has been available since 2015.
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Download Zirkonium MK3

Zirkonium MK3.2 – Mac OS X (minimum 10.9):

Zirkonium MK3.1 – Mac OS X (minimum 10.9):

Zirkonium MK3 – Mac OS X (minimum 10.9):

Download Zirkonium MK2

Standalone Beta − Mac OS X (minimum 10.6): (~ 580MB, incl. Documentation)

Older Version − Standalone Beta − Mac OSX (minimum 10.6): (~ 550MB, incl. Documentation) (~ 300 MB, without Documentation) (only Documentation)

Download Zirkonium classic

Last Version – Standalone Beta – Mac OSX 10.5. and 10.6:

Current Version - Max/MSP and SuperCollider Examples:
Max OSC Examples
Old Super Collider and Max Examples

Default Studio Setup (Copy to unzipped studio2.zrkstu file to ~/Library/Application Support/Zirkonium/):
Default Studio Setup File

Old Versions – Installer:
Zirkonium v0.9.32 beta

Old Versions – Source: