Judith Raum: Anni and the Feline

Performance Lecture

Performance Lecture
Performance Lecture

In her new performance lecture, the Berlin artist Judith Raum will report on her artistic research on the textile studios at the Bauhaus, with a special focus on the shift to National Socialism.

Projected images, text and sculptural actions in »Anni and the Feline« bring to mind textile materials that were thought to be lost and have now been rediscovered through Judith Raum's research, and which were not unaffected by the political conditions in Germany. Another topic is the positioning of individual artists of the textile studio in the period around 1933, such as Otti Berger and Lilly Reich.

Judith Raum has been working on Bauhaus fabrics since 2016 and has developed various installations, videos and performances. One of her central activities is the analysis and reweaving of individual fabrics from the Bauhaus period. Judith Raum will talk about these experiences and bring along some fabric samples.

The performance »Anni and the Feline« had its premiere in the USA at the end of 2019. At ZKM | Karlsruhe, material from the performance will now be shown in German for the first time.

Please note: The lecture was held in German.

Video documentary:

ZKM | Videostudio

Camera: Peter Müller, Xenia Leidig
Editing: Xenia Leidig