Konrad Balder Schäuffelen: language is a body, forsooth

As part of the »Poetic Expansions« series

As part of the »Poetic Expansions« series
27.07.2017 to 22.10.2017

From 1962 onwards Konrad Balder Schäuffelen (1929–2012) contributed visual texts, word–image combinations, and sculptural objects to seminal anthologies and national and international exhibitions of experimental art. The ZKM pays tribute to Schäuffelen’s rich and varied oeuvre with a retrospective made possible by a generous donation from his son Jakob. Since 2013 important works, particularly from the artist’s early and middle periods, have been part of the ZKM’s collection. The title of the retrospective, »sprache ist fuer wahr ein koerper« — language is a body, forsooth, is meant as a motto and also cites Schäuffelen’s eponymous solo shows 1976 in Munich (Lenbachhaus) and 1977 in Heidelberg (Kunstverein).

Video Documentary:

ZKM | Videostudio

Camera: Frenz Jordt, Benedict Meyer, Hannah Radgen, Martina Rotzal
Editing: Hannah Radgen
Sound Recording: Anton Kossjanenko
Voice: Frenz Jordt
Music: easy background, titovsergey