The Future of Light Art: Thorsten Bauer | Between Light and Stone - about the Essence of Light in Projection

The Future of Light Art

The Future of Light Art
The Future of Light Art
08.02.2018 to 09.02.2018

Light is a messenger from the universe. The arts are the messengers of light.  

Everything we know, we know from light – that is the claim by astrophysics at least. One thing is clear: From quantum optics (»The Angular Momentum of Light«) to chronobiology, from nano-optics to photonics, a new frontier of scientific research on the nature of light is emerging. These options, which offer us new theories and practices of light, from biophysical chemistry to the lithosphere, also have an impact on artistic possibilities. 

For this reason, renowned experts and institutions from the sciences and arts of light met at the symposium „The Future of Light Art“ at the ZKM | Karlsruhe from February 8 - 9th, 2018, to open up the new horizon of the light spectrum in an exchange of experiences.

Thorsten Bauer is media artist and founder of URBANSCREEN GmbH & Co. KG. URBANSCREEN GmbH & Co. KG is an artist collective and creative company, which designs, develops and stages media art productions. The company was founded as a continuation of the 2005 established artist group »urbanscreen«, and produces media art for the international art market. Co-founders of URBANSCREEN GmbH & Co. KG are Manuel Engels and Till Botterweck.
Since the establishment of URBANSCREEN on March 27, 2008, Thorsten Bauer worked as creative director and part of the management, where he was responsible for the artistic alignment of the company, the development of new artistic formats and the artistic direction of productions. After repositioning the company in May 2015, he limited his management activities in order to focus on the artistic discussion within URBANSCREEN as well as his work as independent creative director, artist and consultant. Besides his artistic work, he occasionally participates at the international discourse and exchange in the field of new media. Regular talks at international symposia, teaching activities and publications complement his practical work as artist and consultant. 

Video documentary:

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