The Global Contemporary. Gespräch mit Eko Nugroho


My work is very much influenced by the realities of my everyday life. It is impossible to exclude politics from one’s consciousness when living in Indonesia. Nearly ninety percent of the art that is made here is a response to or influenced by the socio-political conditions of the surroundings. Communicating my experiences to audiences from different geographical, cultural, and social backgrounds is perhaps the most important aspect of my work as an artist. I am interested in the interaction between everyday audiences and my art. Their responses are never quite the same as an informed art gallery or museum audience. I am curious about what they think and feel about the so-called “art” they see. The differences or similarities in responses and comments from an erudite art audience and an audience of ordinary people are very telling. This is particularly important for my personal development, since it reminds me of what and with whom I am trying to communicate.