World Pathos Digitization

Bazon Brock exhibition tour in »Renaissance 3.0«

Bazon Brock exhibition tour in »Renaissance 3.0«
Bazon Brock exhibition tour in »Renaissance 3.0«

Bazon Brock and Peter Weibel are connected by much more than a long-standing intellectual contemporaneity. Between the art theorist and performative art mediator Brock and the media artist, theorist and pluriversalist Weibel emerged in programmatic encounters a constant thought vortex complex, an expanding space of understanding for the medial and spiritual of art.

On the occasion of Weibel's brilliant media art exhibitions, Brock organized »pleasure marches through the theoretical terrain«. How can media art be understood as a tool of thought?

In 1968, at Documenta IV, Bazon Brock developed the legendary format of the visitors' school to introduce visitors to new content in contemporary art. In 2011 he opened the Denkerei in Berlin. Peter Weibel envisioned a »Renaissance 3.0« in which digital technologies as tools for artistic and scientific productions of the 21st century would open up new kinds of knowledge spaces.

Entitled »World Pathos Digitization. A Guided Tour of the Art Treasure in the Data Lake«, Bazon Brock looks back on the artistic thought cooperative with Peter Weibel and dedicates a visitor's school to him through »Renaissance 3.0«. Accompanied by a camera, Brock opens the tour on Weibel's interactive »field of knowledge«, thinking his way in medias res and in memory of Peter Weibel's art theory across atriums and cabinets of the ZKM.

With his recorded camera tour we have the pleasure of accompanying him digitally – from media artwork to media artwork and work of thought.



ZKM | Videostudio 2023

Editor: Anett Holzheid

Camera: Andy Koch, Peter Müller
Editing: Andy Koch