Jean-Jacques Lebel. The Highest of All the Arts is Insurrection

26.07.2014 - 09.11.2014

On the roof of a car is a bed. About the car hangs an oversized, light-blue heart, which is provided with iron bars and locks.

From July 26 to November 9, 2014 the ZKM | Karlsruhe will show a comprehensive retrospective of the work of French artist, writer and activist Jean-Jacques Lebel (*1936) – one of the first to author Political Happenings. According to his friend Man Ray he triggered the association Lebel = Rebel in the 1960s. His actions, installations, sculptures, objects, paintings, videos and texts are in explicit rebellion against the terror of war and psychiatry, against the horror of colonialism, against a culture of self- inflicted stupidity and a society characterized by oppression and racism. Therefore The Highest of All the Arts is Insurrection.

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