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ZKM Orchard

© Martin Häberle / Petra Zimmermann

Art in the neighborhood: Since 2019, ZKM Karlsruhe has leased the »Katzenwedelwiese« in Beiertheim-Bulach. The occasion was the exhibition project Critical Zones (2020-2022), which dealt with the critical state of our ecological habitats on earth. In this context, the artist Stéphane Verlet-Bottéro initiated the regeneration of the Katzenwedelwiese into an orchard meadow in 2019, which has since been managed and maintained by the ZKM. It is thus a symbol for the preservation of biodiversity. In cooperation with many participants from ZKM, the City of Karlsruhe, the Bulach Citizens' Association and artists, we take care of the meadow and the orchard trees and at the same time use the site for art and performance.

In summer 2024, we will open the meadow for a new art project that focuses on communication, encounters and exchange in the neighborhood: the Hochsitzcafé by artists INDRA. and Olaf Quantius.


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