Many people are in Lichthof 8 and look at the artworks of the exhibition »Negativer Raum«.


Current developments in art and society are shown at the ZKM in thematic and monographic exhibitions. The magazine collects retrospectives, field reports and provides insight into exhibitions of space-based arts such as painting, photography and sculpture as well as time-based arts such media art, music and performance.

Artikel der Rubrik

In a world where everything is networked with everything else, Jean-Remy's installation »Talking Tubes« aims to raise awareness of the power of direct dialogue. We take the opportunity to talk to the artist of the exhibition.
Media art arises when one of the three conditions is fulfilled: apparative production, apparative distribution, apparative reception. These three conditions are changed by storage techniques.
Galloping horses, rotating discs, buzzing film reels, rotating sound and computer-animated plants – motors of 20th century art are movement and accelera...
He is one of the great founding fathers and most enlightened minds of European culture. That Europe can proclaim modernity and innovation for itself, is also essentially based on the work of Ramon Llull.
Christiane Riedel reports on how codes open the space for creative thinking and why »Open Codes« can also be adapted for other cultural spaces.
The historical legacy of female computer pioneers seems to have fallen into oblivion in today's male-dominated Silicon Valley.