Exhibition view »Open Codes«


As a center, the ZKM differs from other cultural institutions. The magazine focuses on the impulses of an institution, expanding the original tasks of a museum and looking into the future.

Artikel der Rubrik

The shutdown of society caused by the pandemic gave us time to pause, to reflect and rethink our coexistence and our relationship with nature and the environment. It allowed us to understand: Our living conditions on Earth are more fragile than we previously thought.
The closed society to which we are condemned opens our minds. It let us understand that our systems are more fragile than we ever thought. The first tele-...
Imagine if in the future the museum is not only a physical place, but it also »moves« in virtual space? On July 3, 2020, experts at the ZKM discussed at the impulse conference »The Museum of the Future is No Longer a Museum« the future of the institution.
Dear visitors, Over billions of years, natural forces have created the face of the Earth (Eduard Suess, 1885), a symbiotic planet (Lynn Margulis, 1998), ...
Dear visitors,important events shaped the year 1989: the fall of the Berlin Wall opened almost insurmountable borders, the first web server on the net ma...
Dear visitors,30 years of ZKM! This is the opportunity to show you the major works of our unique media art collection, presenting the exhibition  »Writ...