upDate: Woody Vasulka (2/3)
Wed, May 05, 2004 7 pm CEST, Lecture Series
Visiting artist, Woody Vasulka, deals in three lectures with the relationship between electronically organised sounds and images. Woody Vasulka and his wife, Steina, are regarded as protagonists of an artistic movement that, in the 1960s, examined the possibilities of generating sounds from images and images from sounds within the medium of video. During the lectures Woody will examine these aspects of early video art.
In the last lecture of the series on 19 May, media artist and composer David Stout will speak together with Vasulka and give an introduction to his current work. Stout is Associate Professor at the Department of Moving Image Arts/College of Santa Fe, New Mexico and deals with self-generating sound- and video systems. In the second half of this extended upDate, he will introduce, among other things, »Signal Fire« an improvised sound and video performance.


Wed 21 April 2004
The electronically organized material

Wed 05 May 2004
The concepts, poetics and perception of sound and images

Wed 19 May 2004
The territory of composition
Organization / Institution