Gilles Gobeil: Le vertige inconnu
Sat, 02.07.2005, 8 pm CEST

Gilles Gobeil from Canada compares his work as a sound artist with that of a medieval stonemason who examines cracks in the material. He prefers angular, clearly structured forms, relishes the dynamic force that derives from tension and release, and is positively obsessed with extreme acoustic textures. He says that he takes time for his work, preferring to produce less but to be happy with the outcome. Nevertheless – or for that very reason – he ranks among the foremost electro-acoustic composers from Canada and in the world. He has been awarded prizes for his works in many international competitions, including in Bourges and at the Ars Electronica. As artist-in-residence at the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics, he is taking this opportunity to present an overview of his almost 20-year career as a composer.

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