ARD Radio Play Days 2007
Children’s Radio Play Day
Sun, November 11, 2007 10 am CET, Festival
A festival for the entire family. A whole selection of radio plays from ARD and Deutschlandradio, in addition to live acts with the best of the ARD children’s radio program: Bärenbude, Zappelduster, and Ohrenbär. Children can also participate in and experiment with sound drifts, drumming fun, word finds, and the ZKM workshops Small Fish and Theremin-Bau. For the entire day, the hilarious Schorsch will be wandering through ZKM. Highlight of the day will be the orchestra radio play Der Krieg der Knöpfe at 2 p.m. on the large stage of the HfG.
And of course there are also prizes! At 11:30 a.m. in the ZKM_Foyer, the Deutsche Kinderhörspielpreis (awarded by the ARD and the film foundation NRW) and the Kinderhörspielpreis of the City of Karlsruhe. The latter will be decided by a jury of children.
Organization / Institution
SWR, WDR, RB, hr, DKultur, MDR, NDR, BR

Accompanying program