Several people sit in a blueish room at their laptops.
Workshop and Performance
Sat, 09.02.2019, 2 pm CET

As part of the exhibition »Open Codes. The Art of Coding« an Algorave with workshop and performance will take place on February 9, 2019 at the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai.


WORKSHOP: 2–6 pm

Participants learn how to create sounds, rhythms and music with code on their own laptop. All ages are welcome and no prior programming/music skills are required.

The free workshop is divided into the following two segments:

1. Sonic Pi Workshop from RAIA
At the beginning, the participants learn and play with the basic functions and effects of the Sonic Pi platform. Live loops, samples and synthesizers will be equipped with the code of a pop song. Sonic Pi is a live coding synthesizer with a diverse community of over a million live coders.

2. programming music for podcasts by Joshua Thomas / Tig3rbabu
How can the composition process be optimized with Sonic Pi? Using the practical example of sound design and music for the Indian Express podcast channel, this session will provide an insight into how the program can be used to sketch ideas and create arrangements. Two productions will be explained in more detail, valuable tips & tricks will be given, and a list of free online resources will be shared to help develop the skills learned and build an own sound library.


PERFORMANCE: 8–10:30 pm

  • RAIA

In the open source live performance, data is translated live musically and visually by 6-8 performers. The audience can move around the performance consoles and take a closer look at the process, while some viewers can also influence the codes via specially developed apps on their mobile phones or other code triggers.

Organization / Institution
ZKM und Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai