Kinetics of Yoga using Computer Vision
Open Codes. The World as a Field of Data
with Timeblur
Sat, February 02, 2019 6 pm CET, Workshop

Timeblur is a Design centric Deep-tech company, with its ideologies in Deep Sensing, Autonomous Agents, Design Aesthetics and Data Dramatics. We come on board as Creative strategists and Developers of innovative and novice Data stories with our bespoke solutions. Timeblur Studio comprising of two people, Mike and Natasha.

Mike Cj is a technocrat from Bangalore, with a graduate degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. He works primarily with electronic hardware, Signal Processing and computer graphics, which is applied in interdisciplinary fields such as Music, Software arts and Data Visualization. He loves being in the complexity of computer algorithms to generate beautiful artforms. The passion for making art lead to starting Timeblur Studio, in 2015 along with Natasha Singh and is currently working as a creative developer where he deeply works on the technical side of things.

Natasha S is the Creative Head behind TimeBlur, a Digital Experience Studio. Coming from Communication and Product Design field, her work lies in New-Media Technologies such as Human Computer Interactions, Computer Vision, Motion Tracking and Physical Computing. As a Design Researcher, she likes to dwell in the unpredictability of Generative art systems and complexity of nonlinear systems. She also teaches Yoga and her major part of research is in Ancient practices of India like Yoga and Kolam.

They have set a sail on an adventure to explore the world beyond traditional design and computing, there work lies at the intersection of art, data and technology. They have been featured in the Discovery Channel, the Creators Project, Vice and spoken at Tedx, Bangalore. Their bespoke solutions have a blend of autonomy with intuitiveness, exploring the form, rhythm and dynamics of Data
and Systems.

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ZKM and Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai

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