Streamed: Lubricate Coil Engine – Decolonial Supplication
A woman floats in a lotus seat above a pyramid.
Lecture Performance by Tabita Rezaire (Cube Wall)
Wed, August 14, 2019 7 pm – 8 pm CEST, Lecture

The film »Lubricate Coil Engine« by Tabita Rezaire is a request to our time to restore the ability to network.

As eternity repeats itself and fears increase, we scroll ever further into the void to escape the conditions of our existence. How do we connect? How does it feel? What can we do with these feelings? On the path of the sun Rezaire leads us through a life cycle from birth to death and finally to rebirth. Organic, technological and spiritual realms harmonize in a kind of ceremonial meditation on information technologies.

Every Wednesday, the ZKM | Karlsruhe invites to lecture performances. As part of this, video works dealing with the city, people and the future will be shown on the ZKM's LED Cube Wall. The various works deal with technological and social structures in an artistic, speculative, poetic or even spiritual way.

Please note: In case of bad weather the event will not take place.

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