Streamed: Digitality and Responsibility
Eyal Weizman, a man with a beard and specs giving a lecture in front of a screen.
Lecture by Eyal Weizman (Cube Wall)
Wed, September 11, 2019 7 pm – 8 pm CEST, Lecture

Prof. Dr. Eyal Weizman is the director of the artist collective »Forensic Architecture« and the pioneer of a new Forensics that solves crimes against humanity. 

The artist group »Forensic Architecture« reconstructs places of war and torture. 3-D models and maps become forensic evidence that can be used in court.

At the interface between digitality, ethics and architecture, Weizman poses the following questions: Where are the challenges, opportunities and risks of digitalization for art and culture? What are the ethical challenges of digitization? How are the role and self-image of art and culture changing in the digital society?

Every Wednesday, the ZKM | Karlsruhe invites to lecture performances. As part of this, video works dealing with the city, people and the future will be shown on the ZKM's LED Cube Wall. The various works deal with technological and social structures in an artistic, speculative, poetic or even spiritual way.

Please note: In case of bad weather the event will not take place.

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