Streamed: The City as Performative Object
Writing »To Walk a Word: Intentional« in front of a virtual landscape with blue spheres.
Lecture Performance by PolakVanBekkum (Cube Wall)
Wed, September 04, 2019 7 pm – 8 pm CEST, Lecture

»The city is created by the act of movement of the individual«, this thesis originates from the investigations of the artist duo PolakVanBekkum (Esther Polak & Ivar van Bekkum) on the subject of »The city as a performative object«. 

Inspired by Judith Butler's concepts of gender, performativity and speech act, PolakVanBekkum approach mobility as a performative force that continuously writes, paraphrases and overwrites the architecture, identity, planning and intention of the city.

The essayistic video work takes the audience on a virtual walk, exploring the unstable existence of the city and its ongoing presence as a performative object.

Every Wednesday, the ZKM | Karlsruhe invites to lecture performances. As part of this, video works dealing with the city, people and the future will be shown on the ZKM's LED Cube Wall. The various works deal with technological and social structures in an artistic, speculative, poetic or even spiritual way.

Please note: In case of bad weather the event will not take place.

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