Streamed: City Everywhere
The lettering "City Everywhere" against a black background with an industrial building.
Lecture Performance by Liam Young (Cube Wall)
Wed, August 28, 2019 7 pm – 8 pm CEST, Lecture

Liam Young is a film director and architect. He develops speculative architecture that operates between design, fiction and the future. His narration plays with boundaries of documentation and science fiction – the real and the imaginative.

In a self-propelled taxi, Young takes the audience on a journey to »City Everywhere«, a quasi-fictional city in the near future. The journey explores distant landscapes and visualizes fictional worlds. The luminous technologies cast their shadows over the entire planet. Young plays with the wonders and fears of the increasing complexity of our time. His spoken word combines film footage with animation – fragments of distant landscapes with extreme mega cities and fictional urban design. The fictional speculations serve as a critical instrument to investigate the consequences of the emerging environmental and technological future.

Every Wednesday, the ZKM Karlsruhe invites to lecture performances. As part of this, video works dealing with the city, people and the future will be shown on the ZKM's LED cube wall. The various works deal with technological and social structures in an artistic, speculative, poetic or even spiritual way.

Please note: In case of bad weather the event will not take place.

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