Online Workshop: Instant Movie Making
Online Workshop on Instagram TV - Instant Movie Making
Live on Instagram TV
Fri, April 24, 2020 4 pm CEST, Workshop

In the Instagram workshop with artist and art mediator Mira Hirtz we experiment with cinematic design tools and create our own »Instant Movie«.

As inspiration for the workshop, films from the exhibition »« will be used. How did László Moholy-Nagy, Ella Bergmann-Michel and Kurt Kranz produce abstract films almost a hundred years ago? 

After an insight into film production at the Bauhaus, we will experiment with simple filmic means ourselves. All we need is a mobile phone camera! With it, we can take a new look at our own home, the objects around us, details, shapes and processes, and take on unusual perspectives. Share the results with us via @zkm_muskom!

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