Architectural Films:
The photo shows the exhibition room with two large screens left and right on the walls. The left canvas shows a woman doing the dishes, the right canvas shows a retirement home from outside and people sitting on balconies.
Film release of section III and live discussion with Markus Heltschl and Thomas Tode
Thu, April 30, 2020 6 pm CEST, Talk

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The curators of the exhibition »«, Markus Heltschl and Thomas Tode, will discuss the architectural films in the exhibition live from 6 p.m, moderated by Teresa Retzer. Among other things, the experts analyze how Bauhaus protagonists reacted to the devastating epidemics of the 1930s, such as cholera and the Spanish flu. Bauhaus architects designed more hygienic, organized, and controllable buildings to prevent the catastrophic effects of an epidemic. Today, everyone is severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. How would Bauhaus protagonists have tried to prevent this crisis?

Among the »Architectural Films« presented in the best possible quality are works by László Moholy-Nagy, Horacio Coppola, Ella Bergmann-Michel, Richard Paulick and Walter Gropius. In Ella Bergmann-Michel's film »Where do the Elderly live?« (1931), she used the latest cinematic techniques, resulting in a highly modern documentary production. Her special treatment of light conditions and contrasts also distinguishes Bergmann-Michel's work and underlines her later focus on photography.

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