Abstract Films: bauhaus.film.digitally.expanded
The photo shows the exhibition room with a large canvas in the middle, depicting spheres that look like eyeballs. To the left and right there are two other canvases in the background, on which hands and black and white shapes are depicted.
Film release of section IV und live discussion with Malte Hagener, Markus Heltschl und Stefan Drößler
Thu, May 07, 2020 6 pm CEST, Talk

The fourth and final film section with »Abstract Films« by Bauhaus artists represents the artistic grand finale of »bauhaus.film.digitally.expanded«.

Starting at 6 pm, Malte Hagener, film and media scholar, Markus Heltschl, curator of the exhibition and Stefan Drößler, film historian and director of the Munich Film Museum will discuss the »Abstract Films« by Bauhaus artists. Why are these films called »Abstract Films« or »Absolute Films« and what kinds of abstract films are there? Which artists made them and how were these films made? In the context of this discussion, the last thematic section of the exhibition will be made freely available online. The artists who made these films include Heinrich Brocksieper, Viking Eggeling, Alfred Ehrhardt, Werner Graeff, Kurt Kranz, Hans Richter, and Ré Soupault. 

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