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The black and white photograph shows a woman in squatting position with a camera.
Modernity, Life Reform, Equality
Thu, February 06, 2020 6 pm CET, Lecture

Also at the Bauhaus, female students were subject to discrimination. Despite an official policy of »absolute equality« (Gropius), women were often forced into so-called »female« art subjects such as weaving.

Nevertheless, there were women who developed their own film projects, often through their occupation with photography. The lecture particularly emphasises the important role of seven filming women from the Bauhaus. It also highlights the fact that two of them worked on central works of the German film avantgarde as co-authors. In symbiotic living and working communities, they introduced the new formal language of the Bauhaus into world-famous classics of the Absolute Film – without being named for it so far. 

This lecture by Thomas Tode and Markus Heltschl gives an insight into the exhibition »«. Even before the opening, the curators will present the results of their scientific research. 

The exhibition »« opens on February 7 and will be shown at the ZKM until May 17, 2020. An extensive supporting program on the theme of Bauhaus and film as well as guided tours for the curators through the exhibitions »The whole world a Bauhaus« and »« will take place on the weekend, February 15 and 16, 2020.

Accompanying program