the ZKM was ending the GLOBALE with a brilliant closing weekend

the ZKM was ending the GLOBALE with a brilliant closing weekend
14.04.2016 to 17.04.2016

For the finale of the GLOBALE, we asked with Bruno Latour, Yuko Hasegawa and their exhibitions: What remains of the Modernity? How will we survive / live?

For the GLOBALE Finale, visitors experienced eight exhibitions, which deal with the global modern era – from a European, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic point of view. All eight exhibitions offered a coordinated interpretation of the world-changing developments of digitalization and globalization. What remains of the modern era after the catastrophes and cataclysms of the 20thcentury? How will we live or survive?

The Finale highlighted the GLOBALE once again as a laboratory of ideas and creativity, which mapped the possibility space of the future in many events and »Thought Exhibitions« (Bruno Latour) and gave us an idea of where the modern era could end up when it leaves the horizon of the global.

The bracket from the start of the GLOBALE, the tribunal about the crimes of the 20th century against mankind, animals and nature, as well as the epilog of the GLOBALE, the experimental symposium »Next Society – Facing Gaïa«, refered to the program of the ZKM after the GLOBALE. The two-day symposium (April 15–16, 2016) grappled critically with the state of the earth and throws up the question of how the world’s population will live in the future.

As a cooperative project, the ZKM is ending the GLOBALE with a brilliant closing weekend: As well as the opening of the exhibition »Reset Modernity!« by Bruno Latour, a number of curator discussions, tours, performances and concerts, such as the world premier of the latest piece by Adriana Hölszky for twelve drummers are also taking place.

Video Documentary:

ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

Camera: Sarah Binder, Moritz Büchner, Jonas Denzel, Johannes Maag, Rabea Rahmig, Martina Rotzal, Christina Zartmann
Schnitt: Christina Zartmann
Musik: Apple Loops, Institut for the Merely Decorative