GLOBALE: Flusser Talks

​Bodenlos – Without Firm Ground

​Bodenlos – Without Firm Ground
As part of the exhibition »Without Ground – Vilém Flusser and the Arts« we invited the public to an open dialog rather than to a series of monologs. In short, for Flusser, the subject of instability is closely linked to the hard-won freedom of responsibility in dialog.

“Science is a dialog in which people lose themselves in the subect-matter.”1
This creative engagement in question and answer emerged from participants’ various knowledge interests: a spectrum of ideas ranging from the meaning and loss of concrete and abstract orientation aids arising in the tension between enforced territories and self- knotted ties, via the dialectic of rootedness and uprootedness toward nomadic thought; to the question of groundless meaninglessness and that which is specifically human in conscious creativity.

The discussions had been opened by an illustrious round of committed and renowned Flusser researchers, those who have been inspired by the latter, and experts on his work:

Rainer Guldin (among other things Philosophieren zwischen den Sprachen: Vilém Flussers Werk, co- author Vilém Flusser, chief-editor Flusser Studies)
Nils Röller (among other things co-editor absolute Vilém Flusser)
Florian Rötzer (among other things editor of Digitaler Schein, ed. Dinge und Undinge, chief-editor Telepolis) and
Andreas Ströhl (among other things Vilém Flusser: Phänomenologie der Kommunikation, ed. Vilém Flusser: Writings).
Moderation: Steffi Winkler

Video Documentary:
ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

Camera: Martina Rotzal, Christina Zartmann
Editing: Sarah Binder