Exhibition »Seasons of Media Arts«

08.08.2019 - 15.09.2019

Poster of »Seasons of Media Arts. City of Participative Visions« 

With Seasons of Media Arts the ZKM, together with the city of Karlsruhe’s cultural-affairs department and a variety of local initiatives, will present a series of media-art installations throughout the city area of Karlsruhe area beginning August 8, 2019. The interactive installations, displays, and works of augmented and virtual reality on show will take up the theme of open data and explore the evolution of the smart city.

Today’s cities are subjected to constant yet invisible change, as thousands of data streams are created, processed, and distributed each day. The modern city is green and socially inclusive – a space that is equipped with digital technologies and capable of responding intelligently to economic, social, and political challenges. The rise of the smart-city phenomenon raises important questions: How do we imagine the city of the future, and what position will we occupy in it? How can we influence the urban landscape via new digital technologies, data streams, and information? What happens to all the data that is collected by sensors and smart technologies in our smart cities? Seasons of Media Arts offers citizens a participatory democratic space in which to confront these questions.