Norbert Meissner

'Waterproof' für Uschi


Werk - 'Waterproof' für Uschi
Artist / Artist group
Norbert Meissner
'Waterproof' für Uschi
Edition / Serial number
installation, video, Video installation
Material / Technique
Table, cup with loudspeaker, liquid (glycol) with egg white laser paint and water, lamp with video projector, tube and 70 mm slide lens, Sony DXF, computer with 2-channel sound-image loop, video card (MIVO DC 20), sound card, photo cell, tripod with 1000 W spotlight and motion detector, loudspeakers (active boxes)
Dimensions / Duration
ca. 400 x 400 cm
ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe

A parlor, sparsely furnished, with table, stool and lamp - spartan in the design age. One looks as if into a wonder box and enters. The irritation begins. The bright room becomes dark and the sound (from Truffaut's »American Night«) falls silent. At the same time, the table lamp now casts an image onto the surface of the cup filled with water. Underwater images, shadowy and enigmatic, tempt us to stand still. The tiny projection wants to be studied. But the staging continues, in the abrupt reintroduction of music and light. Sound on. Picture off. The spectator moves, and again the miniature in the cup beckons. A treasure, perhaps, which Norbert Meißner does not want to hand over. He succeeds in seducing the spectators to a paradox. Only in the movement does the contemplation of the image succeed. The standstill in contemplation is its death. »Waterproof for Uschi« is a very personal work, the other side of the politically engaged media criticism one associates with Meissner.

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