act/ion. Recorded Performances
Thu, March 08, 2012 – Sun, April 29, 2012

Dance and performance are fleeting forms of artistic expression. They are situated in the moment of their performance emerging as perceptible to the audience and the participants at the moment of their execution. Through the recording of the moving pictures of film and video, dance and performance are given a performance-independent form, which make the live experience amenable to documentation and conservation, while at the same ideally transferring it into another, new art form.

To supplement the exhibition »Moments. A History of Performance in 10 Acts« at the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art running concurrently, the show at the ZKM_Medialounge seeks to present the intention and highly expressive medium of video, which makes the pioneer of performance art and dance visible.

List of works:

- Marina Abramovic / Ulay, »Imponderabilia«, 1977,
00:09:52 min., s/w, mono, Galleria Comunale d’Art Moderna,
Bologna/ (Projektion)
- Marina Abramovic, »Freeing the Body«, D, 1976,
00:09:08, s/w, mono
- Marina Abramovic, »Freeing the Memory«, D, 1976,
00:15:19, s/w
- Marina Abramovic, »Freeing the Voice«, YU, 1976,
00:14:00, s/w, mono
- Lynn Hershman Leeson, »Bonwit Windows«, USA, 1976,
00:16:00, col, mono
- Lynn Hershman Leeson, »Commercials for New York Hotel Rooms
(Plaza, Chelsea and Y.W.C.A.)«, USA, 00:02:00, s/w, mono
- Lynn Hershman Leeson, »Dante Hotel«, USA, 1972–1973,
00:10:00, s/w, mono
- Lynn Hershman Leeson, »First Person Plural«, USA, 1995,
01:15:00, col, stereo
- Lynn Hershman Leeson, »The Making of 'Conceiving Ada'«, USA, 1997,
00:03:30, col, stereo
- Simone Forti, »An Evening of Dance Constructions«
- Sherrie Ransom, »Take Note – episode #9: Simone Forti«
- Anna Halprin, Ruedi Gerber, »Breath Made Visible. Revolution in
Dance: Anna Halprin«, USA, 2009, 1:40:00, engl. UT, deutsch
- Stefan Römer, »Conceptual Paradise: There is a place for
sophistication«, D, 2005–2007, 1:48:20 (Adrian Piper,
Yvonne Rainer)
- Trisha Brown, »Early Works 1966–1979«, 1:26:00
- Robert Whitman, »Performances from the 1960s«, 1:13:00
- Robert Rauschenberg, »Open Score: 9 Evenings: Theatre 6
Engineering«,USA, 1966/2007, 00:32:00 (Lucinda Childs,
Deborah Hay,Yvonne Rainer, Robert Rauschenberg, Simone Forti)
- Lynn Hershman Leeson, »WAR! Woman Art Revolution«, 1:21:44

Organization / Institution
ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie