Ray Mwareya: Money versus Politics – What kills investigative journalism in Africa?
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Tue, April 26, 2016 6 pm CEST, Lecture

On Tuesday, April 26, 2016, Ray Mwareya will give a public lecture with the topic »Money versus Politics: What kills investigative journalism in Africa?« at the ZKM and will answer a few questions afterwards from the public.

Ray Mwareya, 31, is from South Africa. He is a humanitarian journalist for the Global South Development Magazine and also writes for the London Guardian News, Equal Times Magazine, The Mail and Guardian News, The Africa Agri Business Magazine, The Think Africa Press, Waging Non Violence Magazine, Earth Island Journal, The British Ecologist Magazine, Canada Broadcasting Corporation and The Irish Sunday World. During his three-month guest stay at the ZKM, he used the opportunities provided by the »GLOBAL CONTROL AND CENSORSHIP« exhibition as a platform for further work on his topics and to speak with journalists from all over the world.

Ray Mwareya writes extensively about forests destruction, the debts of rural female farmers in Africa, and the profits of human trafficking, under – age boys enslaved in South Africa´s richest gold mines and why Somalis immigrants are always in a hurry skipping from Africa to Europe to the Gulf and back.

His courageous reporting about social injustices, the torture and enslavement of workers, corruption, exploitation and political persecution in South Africa and other African states has earned him international awards – along with opposition.
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