GLOBALE: Manuscripts don’t burn (2013)
A man blindfolded
A film by Mohammed Rasoulof
Sat, April 09, 2016 4.30 pm CEST, Film Screening
Tehran, in the 1990s: Khosrow appears to be like any other Iranian, but his life is anything but ordinary: In the service of the Iranian government, Khosrow works as a contract killer, together with his colleague Morteza. Their task is to kidnap, torture and murder artists who are critical of the regime.
»Manuscripts don’t burn« works like a conspiracy thriller – nothing stays private, nothing secret – the film, however, dispenses completely with bold thriller effects. Everyday life in Iran seems all the more alarming as a result, dominated by constant surveillance, intimidation and torture. Director Mohammad Rasoulof constantly changes the perspective between the two contract killers and the three dissident authors, who are to be eliminated.
Original language with German subtitles.
Organization / Institution
ZKM | Karlsruhe

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