Anti-Prism-Party Fourth Season
People sitting in front of a stage. On the screen of the head of the Statue of Liberty can be seen
Protection from surveillance
Fri, April 29, 2016 4 pm CEST, Celebration
To close the ZKM’s »GLOBAL CONTROL AND CENSORSHIP« exhibition, the Karlsruhe-based security initiative (KA-IT-Si) will be hosting the 4th season of the Karlsruhe »Anti-Prism-Party« with the motto »Protection from Surveillance«.

Experts will demonstrate and explain to interested parties how they can protect themselves from surveillance on the internet. With the »Expert Panels«, visitors will be able to gather individual tips and recommendations and Bernhard Löwe will demonstrate how email encryption works in a workshop. There will also be a tour through the exhibition. The band, Tip Toe will provide the musical finale to the evening.

The event is for anyone – in-depth IT knowledge is not required to follow the clear presentations of the Karlsruhe-based experts. You can find the full program on the Anti-Prism-Party website [in German].
Organization / Institution
Karlsruher Sicherheitsinitiative (KA-IT-Si)

Accompanying program