Activation Day »Driving the Human«
Activation Day "Driving the Human
To the exhibition »Driving the Human – Seven Prototypes for Eco-Social Renewal« (Part 2)
Sat, October 07, 2023 3 pm CEST, Day of Action

The exhibition »Driving the Human – Seven Prototypes for Eco-Social Renewal« presents concrete models for sustainable coexistence in three parts. 

On each of the first Saturdays of the three sections, the ZKM | Karlsruhe offers a comprehensive accompanying program that invites visitors to engage with the topics themselves. 

»Speculative Ecosystems and Interspecies Collaborations«

Speculative Ecosystems and Interspecies Collaborations: In the third part of the exhibition »Driving the Human« two prototypes explore how animals, plants, technical agents such as AI, and humans might cooperate in the future. The focus is on non-human perspectives.

Xiaoyu Iris Qu explores the symbiosis between nature and technology in »Do AIs Dream of Climate Chaos«. What if AI systems could calculate their impact on the ecosystem, and thus their own existence, based on data from their environment? In the project, the artist speculates on what communication between AI and non-human agents could look like and what effects this could have on the fragile ecosystem.

»The Backpack of Wings« by Hyeseon Jeong and Seongmin Yuk is an artistic research project that seeks a new relationship with non-human beings. Through speculative future scenarios, the project explores the connections between scientific tracking technology for wildlife and earthquake myths in East Asia.


3 - 3:30 pm 
Guided tours and talks through the exhibition with the artists Hyeseon Jeong and Seongmin Yuk
Meeting point: Tool_Lab
Language: German

4 - 5 pm
Introduction and talk about the project »The Backpack of Wings«
with the artists Hyeseon Jeong and Seongmin Yuk, the scientist Hemal Naik and Nina Liechti (ZKM)
in the Tool_Lab
Language: English