Gaïa Global Circus. Une Tragi-Comédie Climatique


The theater project "Gaïa Global Circus" began with the observation of a paradox: nobody can any longer avoid ecological debates, and although we are confronted with global warming and the end of the mankind, we feel nothing. We are unable to perceive and experience the so fragile and at the same time so powerful earth − "Gaïa".

With "Gaïa Global Circus" French philosopher, anthropologist and sociologist Bruno Latour addresses a problem, which he had already thematized in 2005 in the ZKM exhibition "Making Things Public": the gap between the significance of what is at stake and the limited repertoire of concepts and feelings with which we attempt to approach these questions.

"Gaïa Global Circus" is not a science theater, it is not a didactic or pedagogic venture. It far rather concerns a theatrical experiment, which facilitates the simulation of behavioral patterns and experiences, which do not exist. The tragicomedy presents the plethora of ecological discourses and conflicts and allows us to experience our own inconsistencies and our hesitancy in view of great uncertainty.
The one-and-a-half-hour play, which had its premiere showing in Toulouse 2013, and which can now be seen in Germany for the first time, will be performed in French with English subtitles.

Concept: Bruno Latour, Frédérique Aït-Touati and Chloé Latour
Direction: Frédérique Aït-Touati and Chloé Latour
Text: Pierre Daubigny
Actors: Claire Astruc, Luigi Cerri, Jade Collinet, Matthieu Protin
Scenography: Olivier Vallet (Compagnie les Rémouleurs)
Equipment/Costumes: Elsa Blin
Lighting: Olivier Vallet et Benoît Aubry
Music: Laurent Sellier
Production management: Gaëlle About
Assistance: Marie Sawaya

Video Documentary:
ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

Camera: Paula Reissig, Christina Zartmann
Editing: Paula Reissig