ISACS17: Luz María Sánchez

Intermittent Space

Intermittent Space
28.09.2017 to 30.09.2017

Under the chairmanship of Morten Søndergaard and Peter Weibel the conference »ISACS17: Resonant Worlds – Curating Sound, Art & Science« takes place at the ZKM from 28–30 September, 2017. The conference addresses and debates the resonant worlds of sound, art, science and curation.

ISACS17 (re)investigates the  intersections of sound, art and science from the perspective of artistic / creative curation. The participants are asked to showcase, and reflect on, their own practices from the perspective of how and why choices are made in order to make things »work« – in the sense that it resonates in/with other people, contexts, culture, society, history, and »the world«. These are perhaps issues of (and effects from) embodied experiences, of language games, of existence.

Intermittent Space

‘Intermittent Space’ is an image coined by G. Didi-Huberman in his essay Survivance des lucioles(2009), where he proposes—in opposition to the machine totalitaire—the possibility of an interstitial and intermittent space in which [human] individual sparks subsist. Given the current state of things, it seems necessary to go back and halt on two fundamental concepts: Agamben’s state of exception and Levi’s grey zone. Through these, plus: Didi-Huberman’s construction machina versus luciole and Samuel Beckett’s image of each [of us] searching for its lost one, I propose to ponder—through the example of a transdisciplinary artistic practice and the attempt of construction of Poiesis—on how defenceless individuals endure—scintillate—in a space where unethical economical profits—through extreme violent mechanisms—have contaminated all circles of coexistence.

Sound and visual artist, Luz María Sánchez, was born in Guadalajara, Mexico where she studied both music and literature. Through her doctoral studies at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, she focused on the role of sound in art since its mechanical inception in the 19th century.

Working with both sound and moving images, Sánchez’s pieces are arranged to envelop the subject in a sensorial experience while preserving a feeling of physical immediacy. Her work operates in the political sphere, working with themes like the Mexican diaspora, violence in the Americas and the failure of the nation-state.

Luz María Sánchez is a San Antonio resident who splits her time between San Antonio and Mexico City.

Video Documentary:

ZKM | Videostudio

Camera: Benedict Meyer, Martina Rotzal
Editing: Frenz Jordt